Eva Lake


Born 1956 in Los Angeles, CA. Lives and works in Portland, OR.





Art History, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 1974-1977

Painting, Art Students League, New York City 1986-1988



Solo Exhibitions


2016  Fashion Items, Augen Gallery, Portland, OR

2015  Fashion Items, frosch&portmann, New York, NY

2014  Anonymous Women, Augen Gallery Desoto, Portland, OR

2012  Paintings, Schneider Art Museum, Ashland, OR

      Anonymous Women, Some Walls, Oakland, CA

      Judd Women Targets, frosch&portmann, New York City

2011  Drape, Augen DeSoto, Portland, OR

2010  Targets, Augen Gallery DeSoto, Portland, OR

2009  Targets, Helzer Art Gallery, PCC Rock Creek, OR

2007  The Richter Scale, Augen Gallery, Portland, OR

2007  Earth Quake, Pendleton Center for the Art, Pendleton, OR

2006  Take Off, Augen Gallery, Portland, OR

2005  Vive Chrome, Augen Gallery, Portland, OR

2003  OPEN Studio, Lovelake, Portland, OR

2002  Axis, Ogle, Portland, OR

2002  Collage Show, White Gallery, Portland State University, Portland

1999  Chairs, Alysia Duckler Gallery, Portland, OR

1998  Bridges, AIA Gallery, Portland, OR

1998  Night Paintings, 333 Studios, Portland, OR

1986  On the Theme of Architecture, Café American, San Francisco, CA

1985  Shrine, Martin-Weber Gallery, San Francisco, CA

1984  Night Gallery, Bannam Place, San Francisco, CA

1983  Aware Recollections of an Ancient Age Japan Fan, Storefront, San   Francisco,  CA.

1983  Russian-American Friendship, Eye Gallery, San Francisco, CA

1980  Photomontage, etc., Goodman Building, San Francisco, CA



Selected Group Exhibitions


2015  New Art 2.0, Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art

      Beauty in the Age of Indifference, Jeffrey Thomas Fine Art, Portland, OR

2014  Crow's Shadow Biennial, Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Salem, Oregon

2013  Femme Fatales, Frosch and Portmann, VOLTA9, Basel, Switzerland

2013  Golden Spot Award Prints, PDX Contemporary Art, Portland, OR

2012  A Binder full of Collages, frosch&portmann, New York, NY

2011  reCovered, frosch&portmann, New York, NY

2011  Cutters Edges, Gestalten Space, Berlin, Germany

2011  Twist and Crawl, National Institute for Art and Disability,   Richmond, CA.

2011  Cutters, West Cork Art Center, Cork, Ireland

2010  Thunderbitch, Tether Gallery, Seattle, WA.

2010  Best, Crussell Fine Art, Orange, CA.

2009  Portland Photography, Jupiter Art Center, Centralia, WA

2009  Cutters, an International Collage show, Cinders Gallery, Brooklyn/

2009  Eclat, Crussell Fine Art, Orange, CA

2008  Cusp, Crussell Fine Art

2008  War, curated by Jim Riswold, Guestroom Gallery, Portland, OR

2007  SUBset, Crussell Fine Art,  Orange, CA

2006  Saturation, Portland Modern, Portland, OR

2004  International Mail Art Show, Zeitgeist, Portland, OR

      Saturated, Autzen Gallery, Portland State University, OR

2003  10-Year Anniversary Show, Mark Woolley Gallery, Portland, OR

      International Assemblage Art Exhibition, Gallery Oder 24, Berlin,Germany

2002  Reactions, Exit Art, New York and the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA

2001  WTC group show, AVA Gallery, Astoria, OR

1991  Ward Nasse Group Show, New York

1990  Christmas Show, John Gerstadt Gallery, New York City

1989  Legends Now, Colab, Fashion Moda, The Bronx, NY

1988  Extinction Now, Colab, Fashion Moda, The Bronx





Regional Arts and Culture Council, Portable Works Collection, Portland, OR

OHSU Center for Women's Health, Portland, OR

Artists Books, MOMA, NYC





2012   Oregon Arts Commission

2012   Ford Family Foundation Career Opportunity Grant

2011   Printmaking Residency at Crow’s Shadow, Pendleton, OR





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1999 Fucked Up and Photocopied: The Instant Art of the Punk rock Movement,

     Bryan Ray Turoffe and Chiristoper Miller, Ginko Press

1984 Correspondence Art: Source Book for the Network of International Postal Art

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Related Activities


2012 – 2009  Host and Producer, Art Focus, KBOO

2011         Director, the Independent, art project space

2012,2011    Art Narrator, CAP Auction

2009         Associate Producer, Mental Health Association, Alien Boy

2008         Transcriber, Oral History Project, Oregon Historical Society

2007         Co-curator, One Shot, book produced by Visual Codec

2007         Host of the Art World, a podcast produced by on Voice America

2002-2007    Host and Producer, ARTSTAR on KPSU

2005-2007    Co-founder and Director, Chambers Fine Art, Portland, Oregon

2003         Curator for the Curated Collection of Trimet’s Interstate Max Line

2002-2004    Founder and Director, Lovelake, alternative art space